Since 2013 Beth has helped high school juniors and seniors navigate the college application and admissions process. She works with students who attend public and private high schools on the San Francisco peninsula and beyond. She has advised students from all Sequoia Union High School District Schools as well as from St. Francis High School, Palo Alto and Gunn High Schools, Notre Dame of Belmont, high schools in San Mateo and Burlingame, Crystal Springs and several others. Contact PCA for references.

The workshop was extremely beneficial in not only giving me the tools to pick a topic and start my essays, but also keep editing them until I am satisfied with them.

I learned a lot about finding my voice. I figured out how to derive my message, future, and aspirations into words.

I struggled to write essay on my own for the schools, but I was able to work my main essay written in the workshop into many of the essay responses and am very thankful for the strength it gave my applications.

This was a great decision for me. If I did not take this class I probably would not have gotten into my top choice college. This process helped a lot and I recommend it to all my friends.

This class took the stress away and made the application process very easy.

I definitely think my essay would have been lacking or possibly nonexistent if I had not gone to a workshop. I recommend it to everyone! PCA gave me the drive and knowledge I needed.

I found that the individual consultations really helped relieve some of the anxiety surrounding the college application process. Establishing a doable timetable and setting goals got me to divide my time and energy efficiently.

Individual consultation was helpful because it pushed me to work on college apps during the summer and finish in the fall. Also, the website was very useful in looking for colleges, organizing colleges, and communicating with Beth.

It was very helpful to have someone who knows what colleges look for and someone who has an unbiased opinion help me form my essays because in the beginning I had no idea what I wanted my essays to show about me.

Beth helped me organize my thoughts about my application essays and what I am looking to get out of my college experience in general. Beth's assistance and support helped me submit my applications with confidence because I knew that I gave them my best effort and the rest was out of my control.

PCA's college essay workshop was extremely helpful with brainstorming for the right college essay topics, actual writing skills, essay review/editing and most importantly managing the application process timeline. We were so happy to have Jessie take the essay workshop in August before school started so that she could start thinking about writing her essays on the early side. By the time November rolled around, she had written, rewritten and perfected her essays. There was no last minute craziness over getting her essays completed. Thanks Beth!

— Parent

The essay workshops helped my student gain confidence in his writing as he went into the college application process. It was particularly helpful in showing him how to accept constructive criticism of his writing. After the class, not only were his main essays in very good shape, but he was also in a better position to write and then revise and hone his remaining essays. After the class, he was willing to accept writing comments from both his parents--something which would have been stressful and difficult before the workshops. I am confident that my son's final essays were better written, clearer and more persuasive as a result of the workshops and the resulting attitude he brought to his final essays.

— Parent