Frequently Asked Questions

Beth's unique experiences as a college professor, writing instructor, and academic advisor give her a valuable perspective on the admissions process as well as skills to help students navigate it. She recently completed coursework for the certificate in College Admissions Counseling from UCLA Extension, so she is equipped with up to date information about school admissions and financial aid. She guides students in setting higher education goals, writing effective essays and completing their applications in an effective and timely manner.
PCA's approach helps students set goals and develop self-advocacy. Beth emphasizes the process of writing as a step-by-step evolution of ideas to help students become more confident in their ability to communicate. Attending one of PCA's personal statement workshops or meeting Beth for individual advising also helps students practice effective time management to complete college applications and relieves stress for parents who can assume a role of support rather than that of task masters.
Students' advising needs vary depending on their high school backgrounds, goals for college and the number and type of schools to which they apply. A no-obligation orientation meeting or phone call with Beth is a good way to determine which individual consultation package best fits a student's college search and application process.
Parents play a critical role in guiding their children through the process of selecting colleges to apply to, supporting the application process, and giving appropriate feedback. Though the student is the primary advisee, Beth meets with parents during introductory sessions and keeps them updated on their son or daughter's progress.
PCA's services do not replace the important and valuable work school counselors do. Through their school college and career center, students can research colleges and universities, register for the SAT and other assessments for college admissions, attend college presentations, and receive advice about financial aid. Beth gives students individual attention and targeted advice to help them develop a balanced college list and evaluate the information they receive from school counselors to form a realistic plan for college applications. She also helps students and parents assess college affordability, identify and apply for scholarships and decide among higher education options.